.nz Domain Names Are Here!

Make sure you protect your business name.

You may have heard on the radio recently, but the biggest change in NZ domain name registration is happening tonight! From the 1st October, the domain .nz is available for purchase.

This change is bringing New Zealand in line with many other countries around the world who already adopt this naming system.

Is It Worth Reserving?

It depends if you want to protect your online identity. I feel it is always worth doing this and to stop other businesses competing against you for rankings in search engines. Domain names are pretty cheap at only approximate $20 per annum.

I also feel that the .nz domain name will become the norm over time, much as .co.nz is the current de facto. Reserving now protects against the future trends.

Should I Switch To The .nz Name Now?

There are potential pitfalls of switching now, such as ditching the old domain without having a proper re-direction in place. All those links that are currently pointing at your existing .co.nz domain would get lost without a re-direction.

My suggestion would be to simply purchase the new domain name, do something called parking it and making sure that it re-directs to your existing site for the time being. As time evolves you could then reverse that re-direction so that the .co.nz version of your domain points to the new .nz version as it becomes more the norm.

If you have any questions on this topic, please feel free to drop me a line – 022 4080412