I had heard the rumours but today I found the 1st example of the Google Local Carousel (previously called Google Places for Business) appearing in New Zealand search results. Do you know what I am talking about? If you searched for a certain term + a location, you used to get a block of 7 results like below that showed local results. The below example is for the search query: “restaurants in Hastings”…

Block of 7 SERPS

This is what we have come to expect with our local search results. However, rumours had been spreading about a new carousel that would appear at the top of Search Engine Results Pages and here is the 1st example I have seen in New Zealand. This carousel appears at the top of the SERPs for the search query “things to do in Rotorua”.

New places for business carousel

Go ahead and type the query into Google and see what differences you can notice. Is it better? Can you find any other search queries that also produce the new carousel?

What Does This Mean to your Business?

If you have gone ahead and tried the search you will notice that when you click on a result in the carousel, it dynamically changes the results below. Depending on how well optimised and structured your website is, produces different results.

Does your site have Sitelinks? Have you got a G+ profile with a decent Zagat score from your reviews? Have you got any Structured Markup on your site?

These are all little bits of detail that will help your result look better and ultimately encourage people to click-through to your website.

If you wish to know more about optimising your local search results, then please get in touch and I will show you how to improve your search result.