Liquid Rubber

Waterproofing membrane and coating specialists

Project Overview

Elliot had tried using a web designer who thought he knew what he was doing but after a troubled experience, a few thousand dollars, a dodgy looking website and no finished product, he approached Smite Web Design after being referred.

Ever since, SWD have looked after all of Liquid Rubber’s online marketing affairs and it is safe to say he hasn’t looked back.

We redesigned his logo and took his company into the modern era by giving his whole company a fresh new look.

Elliot wanted to do away with selling his retail products online as it wasn’t worth it. SWD convinced him otherwise and I wish I had taken a commission on it! Online sales boom and now provides the healthy basis of his earnings.

Services provided:

  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Logo redesign
  • Complete set up of Google Apps

I was really frustrated at where I was with my website and business. Then I met Scott.

He took hold of it all for me and I just sat back and watched the transformation. It is fair to say that I got a lot of value for my money as Scott far exceeded expectations and delivery of what I was expecting.

My business is now booming. I get online sales every day now and I don’t even need to lift a finger to do it. Scott arranged for all the emails to go through to a courier and it just gets posted out. I just pocket the money.

I am not sure where the business would be without SWD managing the online aspect of it.

I am looking to launch into Australia and I know who I will need to help me.

Elliot Guy

Owner, Liquid Rubber

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