Ever wondered what the most popular browser in New Zealand is?

Remember the days when everyone just used Internet Explorer because that is what your computer came with?

Well the tide has changed… Google continue their bid to take over the Internet with the ever increasingly popular Chrome browser and there are numerous other options that you could choose.

What Is A Browser?

A browser is a piece of software that allows you to view web pages and use applications within those pages. The browser is therefore a pretty crucial part of your Internet experience.

The 5 main browsers widely known include:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

Why is the Browser Important?

The browsers all work differently. By work, I mean interpret the code that web developers write to create a website. Your browser essentially reads the code of a web page and then displays it based on how it has read it using the technologies that is has included in it.

Some support different technologies such as coding languages and colour palettes and a single web page could look differently in each browser. That is why designing for the web is a complicated science. You need to consider how your web design work will look across, not just the current browser versions, but also older ones. Some people may still have Internet Explorer 8 on their machines and we are nearly ready to launch Internet Explorer 11. Things change a lot with each version.

So what browser are you are you currently using? Try www.whatbrowser.org to find out.

Screen shots of the tvnz.co.nz website in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10. Notice the difference in the fonts and the layout?

 Internet Explorer 10 Browser shotChrome Browser shot

So What Is The Most Popular Browser?

Well, as you may have guessed it, over the last 6 months Google’s Chrome has really taken over. It offers speedy browsing, the latest web standards supported (which is something Microsoft have always struggled to keep up to date with), speedy site prediction and a simple search bar, a nice clean interface and the power of the Google Apps that you can download from the Google Chrome Store to improve your browsing experience.

I personally use Google Chrome as I also use the Google Apps for Business suite and I find the integration works best.

See the chart below for the latest Usage figures.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share